Team NRBEventing's 300m Challenge

Team NRBEventing Challenge!

  Donors : 5
£ 95.00 Raised
£ 300.00 Goal


Serving Police Officer Nichola Baker, retired Fire Fighter Brant Baker and daughter Forces Equine member, Nieve Baker are taking on the challenge to help get fit as well as helping raise funds for the UK emergency services and raise metal health awareness.

They will be doing this by Riding & Yard Duties, Walking & Running.

We wish them all the very best of luck!

Get behind the team and sponsor them today.


WA Designs
10.00 8 months ago
shaun bourke
10.00 8 months ago
grandad bourke
15.00 8 months ago
becky and baz hooker spain
10.00 8 months ago
brant baker
50.00 8 months ago

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