2nd February '21 Lunchtime Leaderboard

Joanne Hastings Challenge!

  Donors : 11
£ 130.00 Raised
£ 100.00 Goal

Lunchtime Leaderboard! 

What a cracking 11 days and an amazing £1,405.00 raised by our fantastic challengers and their supporters!

With an accumulative 885.84 miles in total, our fundraisers have really been putting in the miles.

Best video coverage is of Jan Heath doing her steps in the dark outside the office was simply hilarious - GO JAN! 

So, what are the scores on the doors? 

1st Place Senior Individual: Joe Linacre (Team Barbie Pony) 151.52 miles

1st Place FEYRA Individual: Dylan Hinton (Team Firs & Feathers) 84.03 miles

1st Place Team: Team Barbie Pony 253.91 miles

We'd like to welcome Team NRB Eventing with FEYRA member Nieve Baker and family taking part!

Check out their challenge >

Fundraising news update!

This weeks top fundraiser and winner of the WA Designs £10 weekly bonus is Jo Hastings who has rasied a whopping £120.00 in a week!

Well done to all of you taking part and thank you for making a real difference #WeSaluteYou. #MakeADifference and #JoinTheJourney today!

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